Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wisconsin Fashion Week: Fresh Face Winner

First of all, read my take on Wisconsin Fashion Week, below this post …

I also wanted to congratulate Fresh Face Model Competition winner Paige Butler for her outstanding job on the runway. Part of Butler's appeal (and I say this because I saw her in Friday and Saturday's shows) is that one could see her in many looks—from edgy (like at the streetwear event) to casual (as shown in the photo here from Saturday's show, taken by photographer Timothy Hughes). Models that can show a wide range of looks from haute couture all the way to catalog work can do quite well in their career because they can adjust their look to each client.

Butler has a strong walk and a beautiful face. Part of what can distract me during a show is the model's walk—if they don't have it just right, it can easily detract the onlooker from the fashion. Also a model's facial expression is huge—sometimes in an effort to look—as Tyra so beautifully puts it—fierce, a model can end up looking angry. A neutral expression is usually best.

I don't pretend to be a model, so hey, this is why I don't model, right :)? Nice job, Paige!

P.S.: I want that dress she's wearing, from Sable & Sky. It's really cute.

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