Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NEW! Madison Mannequin: Laundry Pile Style

Guest blogger Alexandra Graves is an intern here at Madison Magazine and my eye on the streets for all things chic, eccentric or otherwise inspirational. So check back weekly for the latest “Madison Mannequin,” posted every Tuesday from now on. Lex will be conducting all interviews and providing commentary for this special weekly segment.

Mike Swanson, twenty-three, looked surprised when I approached him at Marigold Kitchen for a photo of his Saturday fashion. Why?

“I just threw something on because I was really hungry—whatever was lying on the floor,” says Swanson, a student in UW–Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

I wish my ensembles came together as easily as Swanson’s—his LRG tee, textured Banana Republic shorts and Nike shoes created a shades-of-gray style that worked. Swanson topped the look with a (controversial) Yankees cap.

Swanson buys his clothes online for the most part, and says he looks for original pieces that stand out but aren’t “too flashy.” Swanson added his urban style is the product of musical influences and his Philadelphia upbringing.

“Individuality is a good thing.”
— Lex Graves

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