Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NEW! Madison Mannequin: Puppy Love

Guest blogger Alexandra Graves is an intern here at Madison Magazine and my eye on the streets for all things chic, eccentric or otherwise inspirational. So check back weekly for the latest “Madison Mannequin!” Lex will be conducting all interviews and providing commentary for this special weekly segment.

Maybe Sophie and Zeke, these three-year-old Yorkshire Terriers, fall outside the realm of “people watching.” But I couldn’t pass them up—they were workin’ it! Owner (or should I say stylist) Dave Heins says the dogs love getting dressed up.

“When they see the clothes, they know they’re going to go [out], so they get excited,” he says. Zeke, right, was getting in touch with his feminine side in a pink and purple striped rugby. Sophie got her diva on in an embellished “A List” blue tee.

So where do the pups get their vast wardrobe? Heins’s brother, a flight attendant, brings the dogs clothes from his travels, so their closet is filled with imports from all over, including Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

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