Thursday, February 12, 2009

Frostiball Pics!

What is there to say about Frostiball? In short, lots of fun, and for me, the fashion is the most important part!
Because of our “mid-sized Midwestern city” status, we’re not known for being the most adventurous city in fashion. This was no more obvious at Frostiball, where I was surprised to see the sheer amount of black cocktail dresses and long gowns that were worn! The group I attended with shrugged off the confines of black—we were a colorful bunch. As you can see in the photo we wore blue(s), red, pink and white!

My theory is as such: Although black is a standard cocktail party-frock color, I think that some people pulled out their older or previously worn dresses and wore those again. With the economic downturn (aren’t you sick of that phrase yet??) my feeling is that spending money on a new fancy dress might not have been in the budget. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to be thrifty!

The standouts I saw: a few red dresses here and there, some pretty blue gowns and a forest green cocktail dress. One gal accessorized her classy white dress with red accessories—love, love, love that. I posted images of some of these standout dresses I refer to, namely the woman in red and blue, and the lovely white dress/red shoe combo. (photo credits and names below).

I accessorized my hot-pink silk gown with turquoise chandelier earrings and chunky turquoise cocktail ring ☺ because well, I always have to stand out. Or, as a certain person in my life always points out, I frequently tend to wear two bright colors together, like a yellow shirt and blue shoes (trust me, it doesn’t look weird). He doesn’t understand that—why they don’t perfectly match—but I figure life’s too short to play it safe with clothing and match exactly all of the time. Pick up any major fashion mag or peruse a style website and you’ll see that pairing color combos is trend-right.

What I propose for next year’s Frostiball: let’s all take a little risk and don some color!

Top photo courtesy of Tiffany Thom. Second from top photo by Kris Ugarriza. Rest of photos by Adriana Gross.
Photo credits start from top; all people left to right:

1. Sarah Andler, Tiffany Thom, Shayna Miller and Katie Vaughn
2. Shayna Miller, Katie Vaughn and Nazia Husain
3. Steve and Laurel Brown
4. Anna Thiel
5. Katie Vaughn, Connie Lanter and Peggy Howard Moore
6. Bob and Toya Ablove, Milanie Cleere and Jason Oliver
7. Randy and Kate Whitson
8. Elizabeth Wewerka
9. Melissa Fellows
10. Sarah Andler and Grant Frautschi

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