Friday, February 27, 2009

My Spring Wish List (Part One)

… Because you never know if there'll be a spring wish list part two! Anyway, I’m getting bored of winter. You hear me, winter?! Go away! OK, so since that’s not going to happen I’m just going to sit and dream about my wish list for this spring and summer. The fashion websites I frequent (Who What Wear Daily,, InStyle, et cetera) have been reporting incessantly on Fall/Winter 2009 Fashion Week as well as rehashing Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Week … and they’re making me antsy for new looks.

A maxidress
While I of course tout local, I still do shop at Target (hey, they’re still based in the Midwest, in Minneapolis!). I recently spotted some great maxidresses in beautiful, saturated hues of emerald and purple. I covet the purple one (especially because of the ruffle detail on the bustline!) and it’ll be perfect as my swimsuit cover-up. I’m hoping though, that I can wear it off the beach, too.

Pyramid-stud sandals
Part of the rocker trend, the ones I’m getting are bit more subdued—simple pyramid studs set on a crisp white flip flop. Of course that doesn’t mean I might not pick up some other items with some studs on them too … like a fab gladiator sandal or cute clutch. We’ll see.

Dressy denim
Perfect for spring and summer nights, I’d like to find a great trouser jean that’s a bit skinnier in the leg (in other words, nothing wide-leg) and looong (I’m tall) that I can pair with a cute top and blazer for spring into summer.

A ruffled piece
Hmmm, I already have this one covered—I have quite a few tops in my wardrobe with ruffles! I want more, though! A favorite detail of mine, I’m glad that ruffled items are in for spring. I’ve already picked up two affordable tanks with ruffle detail on the shoulder and plan on prowling for more when I see ’em. Ideally, I’d like to find a dressier sleeveless or short-sleeve blouse.

A tough handbag
It’s a rare instance where you would spot me with a black or brown handbag. I crave color, you see. My current handbag is fuschia. The one before that? A lovely shade of peacock blue. I’ve spotted a few handbags out and about that have made me crave a new one already.
Atticus carries an adorable fuschia clutch by Matt & Natt that’s on sale that I’d like to pick up. It would be PERFECT with most any outfit. For reals. It’s got a sort of rocker-ish look to it, with zippers and a fold-over front.
At Dazzle the other day I spotted a hot snakeskin-print pocketbook-style handbag. It’s got that perfect cocktail of ladylike chic (the pocketbook styling) mixed with rugged rocker (well, snakeskin, of course). I like the print most of all, which is hot, hot, hot for this spring.

A sexy tee
I have long aspired to be one of those model-types who look effortlessly hot in a T-shirt, jeans and cute heels. Since I don’t fancy myself a model anytime soon and I tend toward “dressier” fare in my wardrobe, I need to branch out! No more T-shirts just for working out! Bring on the T-shirts! Well, the fitted T-shirts, that is. I’ve always liked the screen-printed tees from Urban Outfitters. They’re soft, worn-in and sexy and have a nice V-neck. They come in a range of prints and they’re pretty affordable, at $24–$28 a pop.

A hot, heeled sandal
I was at Famous Footwear the other night and they had a really cute fringed sandal that fitted in cozily with all of the fringe stuff that’s en vogue for spring. I also covet chunky gladiator heeled sandal but we’ll see if that happens …

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