Friday, July 18, 2008

Dog Days

I’m a sucker for those lame-o celeb tabloids. A friend bought me a subscription to US Weekly for my birthday, and I occasionally pick up Life & Style or In Touch. Yes, I feel it necessary to know what is going on with The Hills crew or what jeans Rachel Bilson bought recently … or something. Ahem. What was I talking about again?
Ah, yes. You too, can have celebrity for a dog! Bad dog frida is holding a contest for dog owners to submit photos of their beloved fuzzy one for the chance to be featured on a custom label treat bag! Owners should submit ten dollars (which will be donated to the shop’s featured rescue group, Greyhound Pets of America) and a print photo (no digital files) by July 31. Photos should be labeled on back with your name, dog’s name and your contact information. Photos will not be returned.
The winner will receive five free bags of treats, ten percent off all future purchases of the treats and of course, people stopping you on the street to ask if they can have Ruf’s autograph. You’ll both be so cool, you’ll have to wear shades.
bad dog frida, 2094 Atwood Ave. 442-6868.

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