Friday, July 18, 2008

Model Musings

So, it comes with the territory of reading fashion magazines that the majority of models are stick-skinny. Just the way the fashion world works. Recently though, I saw two surprising (and cool) fashion spreads: the models featured weren’t stick-thin and dare I say it … normal looking!
Paige Premium Denim’s (known for their great-fitting jeans) fall 2008 lookbook features two women modeling various denim looks that don’t appear to be a size zero! It really is nice for women to see these realistic looking models and say, “Hey, she looks like me.” Although the models are thin, they’re not size zeros and they’ve got some curves to them (a butt and hips! Who knew?).
American Apparel (whose store opens on State Street soon) also favors models that have interesting and different looks. Women (of all ethnicities) are featured: many don’t have washboard stomachs and perfect, freckle-free faces. It’s really neat to see these little, positive changes crop up in the beauty and fashion industry.
Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty was one of the first companies to hold a magnifying lens to the beauty industry and consciously choose women that had real-looking bods and faces; pretty neat. For real.
American Apparel,
502 State St. 250-8100.

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