Friday, October 26, 2007

Makeover Time

I recently received a press release from Century Furniture (not to be confused with Century House here in Madison) on their plans to release a black-and-white upholstered collection at the Fall 2007 International Home Furnishings Market. While I wasn’t familiar with the company or the market, the images that were sent along with the press release were stellar. Cool curvy ottomans, retro white armchairs with black and white scrollwork upholstery and the beautiful Tuxedo Wing Chair. The reason I mention my love of black and white furnishings is because I recently “made over” a chair I found on a curb near my apartment, if you can believe that. Hey, the price was right!
Originally a wood dining room chair with a bland mauve upholstered cushion, I decided to jazz it up with my vision: spray-paint the frame a glossy black and reupholster the cushion in a black and white brocade patterned fabric. Tres chic!
Not only did the chair turn out swimmingly (with the assistance of my mom—thanks mom!) but it was incredibly inexpensive to make over. And I can say I did it myself!

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