Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ice-T Would Approve

I wrote about Macha Teahouse + Art Gallery in our October issue. This imaginative gallery and teahouse features three different themed tearroms, cool art and a “wall of famous T’s”—complete with pics of the Ford Model-T, manatee and, well, Mr. T (what’s a wall of T’s without Mr. T??)
With the cool weather approaching (this week excluded, of course) it’s a good time to try Macha, grab a cup of tea and see what’s new. In addition to serving tea cookies and croissants, Macha now offers quiche and will add sandwiches and light lunch items in the near future. Also check out some of the events they’ll have going on, like different afternoon tea services and a jewelry and gift event for the holidays. Their website is updated, too, with information on tea and health, tea brewing instructions and “tea wisdom.”

Macha Teahouse + Art Gallery, 1934 Monroe St. 442-0500.

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