Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cool New Product Lines

Stepping into Indocara on West Washington always relaxes me. The serene interior combined with the wafting scent from the lovely aromatic diffuser calms my senses.
On my most recent visit, owner Natasha Vora had some new product lines to share with me. First were the delicious and soy-based Archipelago body lotions, candles and shower gels. Vora gave me two samples of the pomegranate hand cream and I have already used both of them up—it was that good. They’re definitely on my short list of gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. The store already sells one pre-packaged set of Archipelago products and most likely, we’ll see more for the holidays. With prices ranging from $8–$34, this is an affordable, yet luxurious gift.
Vora is also carrying L.A. designer Nathan Anthony’s line of furniture. These made to order, upholstered pieces have a lifetime guarantee. Shoppers can go through Vora’s look book of options, pick out a fabric (I personally loved the funky mod sunburst print and the black and white brocade), send out the order and voila!—the item will be sent back made just for you in eight weeks. Fun fact: at least one of Anthony’s pieces has been spotted in episodes of Entourage.

Indocara, 540 W. Washington Ave. 251-7711.

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