Thursday, May 10, 2007

Vintage Revamped

Heidi Anderson, owner of unearthed gallery, has moved out of her old space in Hue Art Gallery on Monroe Street and into her own space on University Avenue near Lombardino’s. Anderson’s “architectural and vintage finds” consist of pieces she finds at antique malls, farms and through collectors. She then refashions old beakers, tin ceiling tiles and postal bins (just a few examples) into usable and artistic home d├ęcor items. She’s named her wallpaper roller lamps as one of her favorite items. The most interesting part about Anderson’s vintage finds is that many pieces will evoke childhood memories in adults—things like dental cabinets, slide rules, lab tables—even convent benches. “People don’t look at the things I look for necessarily. I think you really have to open your eyes,” Anderson has told me. Unearthed gallery, 2501 University Ave. 441-1993.

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