Thursday, May 17, 2007

Music Makes its Mark

On the Madison Area Music Awards, that is. Last Saturday’s award show at the Barrymore Theatre showcased some innovative looks on Madison’s musicians and attendees. One of the most popular styles for men was the fedora. Men of all ages topped their look with a chic chapeau—very Sinatra (actually these days it’s very Justin Timberlake). For the most part, the guys strutted their stuff in relatively tame outfits—pinstripe pants, black dress shirts and blazers. The blazer/funky T-shirt/jeans combo was also an extremely popular, more dressed-down ensemble. Women sparkled in well, sparkles—clingy dresses and tops in black. One woman stood out more than most in her corseted-bodice dress with a filmy tulle skirt in shades of orange and gold. Other looks I spotted: the ’80s tribute with leggings and a tunic; a sexy pencil skirt paired with a cute short-sleeved cropped jacket; lots of metallic handbags; a tux coat with tails. Two rather “creative” young men even showed up clad in a red cape and black cape; the man in the black cape completed his look with a mask. Hey, whatever works!
Click here to see the winners at the Madison Area Music Awards.

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