Thursday, June 12, 2008


It’s the start of wedding season and The Artful Home is here for you. Need help selecting a gift? Click on the Wedding Gift Guide and pick from a dazzling array of gifts for the betrothed. Shoppers can pick from pricey (Rock Cottage Glassworks turquoise/yellow art glass bowl for $1,075, anyone?) to more affordable (Lilach Lotan Pottery’s Signature teapot for $150). According to a recent company press release the wedding gift guide will remain available year-round. Tabs like Traditional Elegance, Feather Their Nest, Elegant Edibles A Little Avant-Garde and Wedding Bands give shoppers plenty of eye candy to look at and ensure that the soon Mr.-and-Mrs.-To-Be will love your gift.

Did you know that one of Madison’s local retailers just got a national shout-out? That’s right, Elizabeth Wewerka’s Lady Moxie was recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine in the article “Launch for Less.” I read the article and was happy that Wewerka’s consignment store was recognized for her hard work. The article discusses start-up businesses that are relatively inexpensive to launch.
Lady Moxie, 6706 Odana Rd. 826-4268.

Ma-cha Teahouse and Art Gallery always has something going on. Customers can attend tea tastings, visit the art gallery, or book a private tea service. Either way, it’s pretty tempting when some of the teas you can try include an Iced Coconut and “Dreamsicle” matcha latte or a Green Tea Mojito. Plus Ma-cha is expanding their menu and will be offering more lunch sandwiches and more vegan options.
Ma-Cha Teahouse and Art Gallery, 1934 Monroe St. 442-0500.

drunknBUTTERFLY, located on East Johnson Street, is closing. Right now owner Layla Martin is offering thirty percent off of everything in the store (clothing, accessories and shoes).
drunknBUTTERFLY, 845 E. Johnson St. 256-9119.

Dottie Rose in Middleton is closing. It’s too bad, because owner Melissa Ernst’s collection of high-end consignment clothing (some new stuff too) was truly unique. Ernst pointed out the closing of Tickled Pink and the Middleton Antique Mall severely cut down on foot traffic in downtown Middleton. Add in a tough winter (hello, snowfall!) and it’s a recipe for tough times.
But Ernst is moving on to another retail venture: Harbor Wellness Lifestyle Boutique. Ernst will manage and buy for the shop inside of Harbor Athletic Club. They’ll carry VFish, a Chicago designer; She-Bible, organic cotton clothing; See Thru Soul denim and Blue Canoe clothing.
“We’re just really seeing a need here for more versatile lifestyle wear in Madison,” says Ernst. “People like to be able to wear something to the gym and then out to the grocery store. We’re so busy now.”
Look for the boutique to carry most of these lines come August; Ernst says by December the shop will carry even more lines and merchandise.
In the meantime, everything at Dottie Rose is fifty percent off. get it while the deals are hot!
Dottie Rose, 1835 Parmenter St. 831-9099.

I was strolling down State Street the other week and saw that Sedona (330 State St.) was having a store closing sale.

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