Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Declaration of Independents

I attended a Dane Buy Local "Independents Celebration" today. The name of the event of course is a play on words; "independents" meaning independent retailers in Madison. Speakers talked about—what else—the importance of buying local.
Rick Brooks dressed up as Paul Revere because what else would one do at an Independents Day Celebration but sign the Declaration of Independents? Mayor Dave Cieslewicz stressed the impact buying local has on our economy, adding that a dollar spent locally is reinvested in the community as many as three to five times.
The celebration also upped awareness for Dane Buy Local's Guide to Local Services that just came out. Its three hundred-plus members are categorized in an easy-to-find fashion with labels like "Restaurant/Hospitality," "Gifts/Kids/Pets/Home" and "Business to Business."
Attendees included local businessowners like Orange Schroeder of Orange Tree Imports, Jim Bradley of Home Savings Bank, Josie Pradella of TerraSource Gourmet Chocolates and Jack Garver of Fanny Garver Gallery.
Dane Buy Local,

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