Thursday, May 1, 2008


Cheryl Batten’s Bodacious Boutique (1719 Monroe St.) is closing as Batten has decided not to renew her lease for the property. Bodacious has been open five years and from the brands they sell, sounds like they have some pretty fab stuff to choose from during her closing sale: Betsey Johnson, Donna Morgan, French Connection and Cartisse. The sale starts today and will continue until everything sells out (Batten is anticipating it will be done by the end of May). So come early for the best pickings and selection!
Batten is looking forward to her retirement. “I’m going to do something else but mostly, take some time off.”
Bodacious Boutique 1719 Monroe St. 442-7575.

I just saw a billboard on the Beltline for a closing sale at Allen Edmond’s Shoe Bank on Mineral Point Road. I put in a call to the store and no one answered, but I’m pretty sure the sale is going on this week or next. This particular Shoe Bank sells shoes that are considered “one-off” or a tad imperfect. I stopped in one day and the salesman there explained to me that many of the “one-off” shoes have such tiny imperfections that the majority of the shoes are quite a deal since the wearer can’t tell (or feel) the imperfection. He showed me a pair and I couldn’t tell where the imperfection was. So, if you have some money to spend and would like some long lasting and stylish shoes, stop by the Shoe Bank for their closing sale.
Allen Edmond’s Shoe Bank 7412 Mineral Point Rd. 833-3766

The Twisted Twig is closing their doors and also offering exceptional savings on their inventory. Known for their log cabin/vacation home aesthetic, it’s the perfect time to pick something up for a vacation home now that warmer weather is here.
The Twisted Twig 2905 Parmenter St., Middleton. 831-2005

Grape & Co. has closed.

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