Thursday, August 9, 2007

Street Style

I like people watching. That’s why I like NYLON magazine’s Street: The NYLON Book of Global Style. I received the book as a Christmas gift and I read it instantly. It’s 250 pages of photos of people off the street from seven influential fashion “capitals” (as the magazine dubs them) of the world: London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, New York, Melbourne and Tokyo. NYLON’s editor-in-chief Marvin Scott Jarrett writes in the book: “Fashion doesn’t exist in a bubble. To us, it’s not only rich people, models, and they type of people who slavishly adhere to runway trends: we see it as a living, breathing reflection of cultural and social currents …”
I like this book because it illustrates the idea that fashion is accessible to all, and it means something different to everyone. Some people dress to stand out; some dress to fit in; some dress to communicate something about themselves. Whatever your concept of “fashion” is—Target, thrift store or Theory—this book shows how these style arbiters from across the globe show who they are.

Street: The NYLON Book of Global Style, $24.95.
Available through special order at University Book Store, 711 State St. 257-3784.

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