Friday, June 29, 2007

Shopping for a Good Cause

Yes, shopping can benefit others beside yourself—if Fair Indigo has anything to say about it. In July the store is rolling out their “Summer of Love” charity event. In June, shoppers sent in their nominations for their favorite charities. Fair Indigo staff then randomly selected ten charities from the list of nominations, which will each be assigned a “benefit day” in July. That means that twenty-five (!) percent of the sales generated that day will go to the specified charity.
Fair Indigo’s mission is to pay their garment factory workers fair and meaningful wages, so it makes sense that this socially conscious retailer would adopt this idea. Frankly, it’s a novel concept, and something more retailers should look into.
Fair Indigo, Hilldale Mall, in the outdoor shops on Price Place. 661-7662.

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