Friday, June 29, 2007

Dolls at the Derby

Madison’s roller derby gals are a tough bunch. I checked out the Dairyland Dolls match against Austin’s Hotrod Honeys last Saturday at Fast Forward Skate Center (the Dolls won). This blast from the past activity was so much fun to watch—and suspenseful! The match consisted of three twenty-minute periods of frenetic skating, shoving, falling and grace under pressure. Luckily, all of the skaters wore protective gear pretty much everywhere, but I can still imagine they’re pretty banged up at the end of the night.
What I enjoyed was checking out the scene and taking it all in. A lot of fans wore black, ripped jeans and heavy-duty cuffs and necklaces. There were lots of piercings and funky hair colors. Spiked hair was big, too.
There were lots of interesting, um, characters like the gorilla mascot that jumped around during the “jams,” or “Kool-Aid,” a guy who strutted around in a long black satin bathrobe with the Kool-Aid guy on the back. Apparently he’s a fan from Austin. So there was no shortage of people to look at.
I must say I was impressed with the Dolls’ uniforms. They wore adorable white apron-dresses with blue straps and blue trim on the hemline. Each Doll injected her own personality by wearing fishnets or fun tights underneath. But with names like Lizzie Borden and Tammy Faye Undertakker, I think the Dolls were nice to admire from well, a distance in their outfits.
Just kidding, ladies—and congrats on the win!

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