Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NEW! Madison Mannequin: Artistic Expression

Guest blogger Alexandra Graves is an intern here at Madison Magazine and my eye on the streets for all things chic, eccentric or otherwise inspirational. So check back weekly for the latest “Madison Mannequin,” posted every Tuesday from now on. Lex will be conducting all interviews and providing commentary for this special weekly segment.

UW–Madison art and graphic design student Vivian Cruickshank, twenty, was her own canvas at last Saturday’s boiling hot Farmers’ Market. Her medium of choice? Bright, breezy pieces like this pink sun hat and print sundress from Appleton’s Forever 21, where Cruikshank works during the summer.

“Clothing is an art,” Cruikshank says, adding that she looks for interesting patterns and colors to round out her signature style, which she describes as “really fun, yet classic.”

Flourishes to her cool canvas included splashy earrings (also a Forever 21 find) and a white patent tote from Take a page out of Cruickshank’s sketchbook and start your own closet gallery this fall—Forever 21 is coming to Madison!

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