Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hair Flair

As I included in my events last week, the Art League of MMoCA’s Hair Affair event is quickly approaching—this Thursday, to be exact. This is the first year the Art League is holding the event—and I think it’s an utterly fashionable way to raise money for the museum’s exhibition and education programs.

After all, fashion is about fantasy and fun. Take John Galliano, someone I’ve talked about on this blog before. Mr. Galliano is the master of fashion escapism—designing some truly out-there looks and pairing them with a fantastical runway experience. I’ve always longed to attend a John Galliano runway show—his crazy genius has always enthralled me. Yes, Mr. Galliano, I’ll take an extra helping of models that appear as though they’re wearing muppets on their heads and models dressed up like elaborate Russian nesting dolls in coats ten sizes too big. Thanks!

I really don’t think there’s a better way to spend a Thursday night than viewing “extreme hair sculptures designed and executed by premier area salons and stylists and displayed by live models.” Fashion fun and a good cause … a great combo.

I asked Elizabeth Tucker, project consultant with MMoCA, about why they chose to hold this event for the first time this year.
(Photos © Tom McInvaille)

Madison Magazine: What was the inspiration behind planning the Hair Affair event?
Elizabeth Tucker: I was brought on after some of the initial concepting of the event. The event was the idea of Annie Levihn, one of the chairs of the Art League committee. Other museums across the country do something similar—there’s an event that the Des Moines Art Center does that’s a similar concept (the Big Hair Ball).
The idea the Art League had was to do a fresh, different fundraiser to bring a new audience to the museum. [The audience will be] a really diverse group; probably half will be regular museum attendees and supporters. The other half of the crowd will be people that are newer to the museum, like people from the salon community or clients of the salons. In terms of ages it’s going to be a really diverse audience, which is exciting.
The salon community has been a new group to reach out to.

MM: What is the timeline of the event?
ET: The event begins at 7 p.m. We’ll have a silent auction and complimentary hors d’oeuvres, and cash bar will be available. Every guest [can try] the complimentary signature cocktail, which is a Red Mohawk: a martini made with Prairie Organic Vodka and pomegranate.
At 7:20 p.m. there will be a live music performance by the Ahn Trio. They’re a contemporary classical music trio from New York City. They will be playing a full concert the following evening at Overture, so this will be a preview performance.
The main event for the evening is at 8 p.m., which is the hair show. All of the hair sculptures will be shown on live models and they’ll walk down the museum’s main glass staircase. There are thirteen salons participating (Salons include: Aniu Salon & Spa, B.fix Salon, Cha Cha, Cinema Hair Studio, Deonne Salon and Day Spa, Elements, Hair, Hybrid Salon, Millenium Salon & Spa, Rejuvenation Spa, RZ & Company, Ultimate Spa Salon and William Jon Salon). Each design is wildly different and there’s a great variety. The models and stylists will be around after the show to talk to people about the inspirations [behind the looks].
The event concludes at 10 p.m.

MM: Is the hair show a competition?
ET: It isn’t a competition. It could be in future years; maybe we’d put out a call for entries to salons in the beginning of the process and have a jury process to select. This year all of the salons were invited and they didn’t have to submit a proposal.

MM: What about the outfits that will be paired with the hairstyles?
ET: Almost every salon has designed a dress or outfit to complement the hair sculpture. Or they’ve put together some sort of wardrobe selection to complement the hair. Some of the descriptions we’ve received … the hair and wardrobe almost become one… In one case the salon is doing 35 mm filmstrips in the hair and the dress will also have filmstrips incorporated in it.

MM: Will you be doing this event every year?
ET: Another event you’re probably familiar with was the Design MMoCA event in 2008. Designers were asked to design a room for the weekend. So in this case we asked area salons to design a hair sculpture for the museum. With both events one of the really great things has been drawing in a new and different audience. We might rotate [the events] every other year.

MM: Are tickets available?
They are $65 per person and some are still available. We will be selling tickets through the end of day Tuesday and possibly still the day of the event. There always seems to be a rush at the end!

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