Thursday, March 19, 2009


Another shout-out goes to Coni Marotz who owns Iconi Interiors. Marotz is celebrating her one-year anniversary tonight with special sales and deals. I first wrote about her store in our June 2008 issue and have stopped back many times since—she’s always got something new. My favorite items (as I’ve written about on this blog before) are most definitely the vintage jewelry pieces she hangs from jewelry trees and displays in the glass cases up front. I adore (and drool over) the chunky strands of baubles, hefty cocktail rings and statement bracelets that take up a few inches of wrist real estate. In my opinion, Iconi would fit right in in a chic Chicago neighborhood, or perhaps on a laid-back San Francisco street—and yet, we’re lucky to have her shop right here on West Washington Avenue.
(I loooove Coni's display of her vintage barware and her vintage framed wallpapers, below).
Iconi, 534 W. Washington Ave. 441-0077.

Anthology celebrated their year anniversary last Saturday, March 14.
Owners Laura and Sachi Komai already held festivities, but you can still stop in to check out all of their new items like recycled bottle-cap necklaces, vintage-inspired charm bracelet kits, stickers, books and much more. If you haven’t been to Anthology it’s one of those shops that you can easily walk in and spend under $10 if your wallet’s tight—or more if you’ve got it! I personally favor their decorative papers, cards and jewelry.
(A rack of Anthology's decorative papers and a display in the shop).
, 218 State St. 204-2644.

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