Friday, January 2, 2009

Things I Love

I was out and about earlier this week working on a magazine story and stopped in two of my favorite stores: Fontaine and Iconi. I thought I'd share pics I snapped of some cool stuff I encountered.
First are these gorgeous vintage slipper chairs from Fontaine, priced at $1,635. With touches of Asian, organic and luxe all rolled into one, these chairs are fit for a queen. I've long admired slipper chairs because they always look so stately and feminine in home d├ęcor magazines; though they could be fashioned into a more "manly" look by covering one in leather and adding some nailhead trim, too. Either way, I love, love, love these chairs and the fabric they're swathed in.

Next is my perennial favorite Iconi Interiors. So, I'm one of those people that like dressing up. You won't catch me in a T-shirt and sneakers, unless I'm working out. No sir—it's pumps, bangles and dresses for me! That's why I like Coni Marotz's store Iconi, because it reminds me of a time when women dressed up for cocktail parties, wore red lipstick and glammed it up with major jewelry. Men sported smart suits and had pocket squares. Marotz has quite a collection of vintage barware, seen here. She also has an awesome collection of vintage jewelry that I yearn for every time I step in her store. It's like a magnet—I'm drawn to her case of jewelry every time I stop by.
Can't you just imagine a cocktail party in the '50s or '60s, where these glasses were surely used? I sure can. So, combine the sparkly cocktail glasses with one of her major necklaces and you've got my dream world of dressing up for a party, clutching a extraordinary glass all while looking fabulous. Cheers!

Fontaine, 811 E. Johnson St. 310-8002.
Iconi Interiors, 534 W. Washington Ave. 441-0077.

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