Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Shopping Content!

We all know everyone's crazy about their dogs. Whether you've got a Lab, greyhound, poodle or anything in between, our December issue is for you. So I hit the streets for the best in dog outerwear. After all, our furry friends need to stay warm too!

Check out the Style Sheet page (above) and behold our four adorable dog models. Behind the scenes our "models" were quite un-diva-like; after all, they'd do anything for a treat!

Our photo shoot went like this:
-Each dog came in separately with their owner. The dog would be unclipped from their lease and then they ran around the studio like crazy.
-We let them burn off some energy running around, then got down to business. We got them dressed and posed them against our white background. Then each model was asked to sit, lay, stand sideways, stand sideways the other way, stand on their hind legs, et cetera. After each of them calmed down, they did great!
-The owners prodded, cajoled, and rewarded their pup with treats. Our photog snapped away and got some really great outtakes, seen on page 34 of the print magazine.

Do you see why I love this job?

Also read my column this month on Liz Perry's Nutzy Mutz and Crazy Catz store on Lakeside Street. A haven for passionate pet owners, Perry makes each customer (and their four legged pals, of course!) feel right at home.

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