Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall Fashion: The Six Items You Need

Sorry for my hiatus last week, things were busy with magazine deadlines! I’m back and ready to talk to you about what to pick up for fall. Now don’t get me wrong: these are simply suggestions for what I’ve been seeing as smart buys locally at shops and nationally in fashion mags and through my own research. These items for the most part are ones I will (probably) be picking up (or already have!). As always, I suggest adapting these items and looks for what suits you—and no one else. Style is all about what you make it to be, and no one can tell you what you like and don’t like!
One of my recent posts addressed recessionistas; namely, a woman who is able to look fashionable in tough economic times by budgeting smart and saving on trendier items. Take note: all of the pieces I outline below can be bought for big bucks or little bucks. Prioritize what you like the most, spend the majority of your money on that one (or few) item and pick up trendier things that are less expensive, like a piece of jewelry or a jewel-tone item.
If you saw our fashion spread in the September 2008 issue many of the items I outline below we used in that shoot.

Dressy Denim
My research has concluded that there’s not only one must-have, to-die-for style of jeans. Which is good, as some looks aren’t great on everyone (skinny jeans, anyone?). What I am seeing is classic and refined looks in dark washes. (Side note: yes, I know Katie Holmes and every other celebrity in the world is wearing those darn slouchy, baggy, pegged boyfriend jeans and we’re not going there. Just don’t. Unless you’re painting the house, or something.)
Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes. The trouser jean is the ticket. More refined than the high-waisted, wide-leg look of the summer I say trouser jeans are the way to go. I’m planning on picking up J. Crew’s High Heel Jean (with a remarkable 36” inseam! Yay! The “regular” inseam length is 33” so these are definitely high heel jeans).
I also want to pick up a skinnier-leg jean that I can tuck into boots. I haven’t decided where I will buy those yet but I’m excited to see what’s out there.
Pick up your jeans at: Atticus (shown in picture), Bop, J. Crew, J LaMore, Twigs.

Juicy Jewels
Summer was all about brights: red, yellow and green. Fall’s refined looks are giving way to more sophisticated shades of fuchsia, emerald, sapphire, teal and rust. These shades are showing up in everything from handbags to sweaters. See page 29 in our September issue for a beautiful example of a fun, pumpkin orange cashmere sweater that would be a perfect complement to any outfit. Or check out the Botkier for Target fuchsia handbag I will be sporting this fall (above). The hobo shape and metallic studs are trend-right for any look this season.
Look at page 26 (shown) or page 27 of our fall fashion spread: a rich teal cocktail dress or silk blouse with a geometric, funky honeycomb pattern in jewel tones (teal, fuchsia, eggplant, et cetera) shows how the look can be evening-ready or work-appropriate.
Buy it: Whether it’s H&M or Bop, the look can be found anywhere.

Rock It
So it might be a bit much to show up for work in a pair of strappy, high heeled gladiator sandals or patent leather ankle booties. That’s why you save those for your nights out ☺! Seriously though I’m loving the “refined rocker” look, as I like to call it: pyramid studs, leather, bomber jackets and more. Eighties rock rears its (hair band) head in bits of animal print, but in a quieter way: perhaps you’ll wear a zebra belt or leopard kitten heels. Nothing overboard—sexy, yet classy. Or you could be ridiculous like me and wear your favorite leopard-print high heels to work anytime you feel like it. I’m just saying.
Check out the photo (below) of the belts I’ll be working into my wardrobe this fall. The yellow number has a luxe snakeskin look (what’s more rocker than snakeskin?!), and the leopard and black stretch belt with pyramid studs will all add bits of stylish rocker chic in my life. In case you’re wondering, the hot yellow and leopard belts are from the HospiceCare Thrift Store! Go there, already!
I also love the tough bomber jackets I’ve seen. Most recently a stop into Express yielded several very cute bomber jackets in solids and prints, in leather and other fabrications. J. LaMore is also boasting quite a collection of leather jackets and vests, the epitome of classic.
Buy it: Dazzle (accessories), Express, HospiceCare Thrift Store, J. LaMore.

Make a Statement
Have I talked about how much I like the HospiceCare Thrift Store yet? I’m kidding, I mention them all of the time. In fact I was just there the other week and picked up a piece of statement jewelry myself: a long chain necklace for pennies. Ninety-nine pennies to be exact, pre-tax. That’s right! Statement jewelry is found everywhere from a consignment store to well, a “real” jewelry store.
Look for bejeweled pendants, layers of pearl necklaces, ribbon accents and chains.
Buy it: Any consignment store, Atticus, Dazzle, Patricia Shoppe, Twigs.

Nail It
So let’s say you don’t want to wear leopard print heels. Instead, kick up your look with an edgy nail color (right). If you hate it, you can always take it off!
Trendy colors this season include navy, burgundy, eggplant, black and metallics: gold, silver and gunmetal. A cheap and chic way to take your look up a notch. Sally Hansen offers an array of trendy colors for only $2.49 a pop at Target.
Buy it: Target.

Ladylike Luxe
Whether it’s a feminine frock, ruffled blouse, satin trench coat or pencil skirt, options are endless in what you can find. If you hate dresses, wear a tie-neck blouse with wide-leg trousers. Want to class up your outerwear? Get thee to Target where they sell a fuchsia satin trench coat for—gasp!—$39.99. I’d buy it myself if I didn’t already own a black satin trench coat that I adore. Want a pencil skirt with edge? J LaMore’s wool leopard print combines both.
Locally, Patricia Shoppe always does a wonderful job of incorporating classic feminine looks in updated fabrications.
Or pick up something at a consignment shop. Lady Moxie has new designers as well as affordable and higher-end consignment pieces. Pink Poodle has twelve thousand square feet chock-full of clothing just waiting for you to get your hands on.
If you want real vintage check out Epoch (below) on State Street for hats, gloves, clutches and prim dresses.
Buy it: Bop, Epoch, J LaMore, Lady Moxie, Patricia Shoppe, Pink Poodle, Target, Twigs.

Bop, 222 W. Gorham St. 255-2570.
Dazzle, 8426 Old Sauk Rd. 826-4455.
, 214 State St. 255-2385.
HospiceCare Thrift Store, 122 Junction Rd. 833-4556.
J LaMore, 2701 Monroe St. 238-2119.
Lady Moxie, 6706 Odana Rd. 826-4268.
Pink Poodle, 5918 Odana Rd. 276-7467.
Twigs, 1925 Monroe St. 255-4363.

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