Friday, August 29, 2008

Think Pink!

How many men do you know that are confident enough to wear pink? I’ve heard strong reactions from pro-pink and anti-pink camps from men: some don’t care about wearing a pink polo or button-up and some men snicker at the thought. (Side note: I think it’s cool when guys wear pink.)
Either way, if your man just doesn’t want to be seen in pink but wants to support a good cause, men (or women) can check out These one hundred percent cotton boxers are—you guessed it—pink. If he doesn’t like to wear pink on the outside, he can wear it under his clothes! (I received a sample in the mail and they’re pink, all right.) Pink Boxers was founded specifically to support the fight against breast cancer. The company donates one hundred percent of the proceeds to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Bonus: October is breast cancer Awareness Month.

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