Friday, April 18, 2008

You Saw it Here

Have you seen our May issue? If not, pick it up and turn to page 16 (left). This Fab Finds page titled “Wild Things” features African and tribal-themed accessories and home goods. This global trend is hot for the summer and I’ve spied it in many a fashion mag. Luckily we don’t have to go to across the world to find what we’re looking for—it's right here! Retailers like A Greater Gift, J. LaMore, World Market, Calabash, Art Gecko and more all have variations on these items. Lest you doubt that Madison has fashion cred, Lucky’s April issue has an entire page devoted to this trend called “What I Want Now!” that features—you guessed it—a tunic, vest, sandals and skirt all swathed in “polished tribal motifs.”

Speaking of Lucky, was featured quite prominently in April’s “Lucky Breaks” section (surprise, surprise). Although known by most to be a hotbed of fashion, its Madison storefront (and only storefront!) is gorgeous, and when I stopped in recently I longed for many an item. Marc Jacobs’ stuff, mostly. His cute tanks and dresses in bright, saturated colors made me long for warmer days. I also saw a cropped black satin jacket that I coveted (I promise, it’s not straight out of the eighties, though it sounds like it ☺).

One more Lucky item: their April spread on eco-friendly clothing really hit home as we featured some eco-friendly clothing on our April cover (above) and interior “Eco Chic” spread. Although Lucky’s got a lot more selections in terms of green clothing offerings than we do here in Madison, I have no doubt more green clothing will be rolling into stores here as the green trend takes hold.
Lucky’s spread featured vegan shoes (a tree is planted for every pair sold), an organic cotton and hemp dress, wedges of sustainably sourced wood and rubber, and much, much more. See, being eco really can be chic.

Bop, 222 W. Gorham St. 255-2570.

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