Thursday, February 14, 2008

Frostiball Pics

After a long and arduous process, I have (finally) learned how to upload pics from my new digital camera on to my computer! I wanted to share with you our Frostiball adventure from February 2.
Frostiball is an annual Downtown Madison, Inc. event that's held in the dead of winter. Good thing, because the people and hot fashion provided a little spark in downtown's Overture Center. This year's theme was "Urban Elegance" and I have to say I was quite impressed with the beautiful looks that came out of the closet.

Black (not surprisingly) was the color of the night. I saw halter style gowns, strapless numbers, cocktail length creations and more. View one of my favorite black looks seen on Liz Katz. Her strapless creation was by Jessica McClintock and her charming red ruffled handbag was from a small boutique in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

I also saw the ebony and ivory of fashion, black and white, on at least three dresses. One black/white combo was a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe-esque white halter gown with a black sash I saw on a party-goer.

Two shades that added a pleasant jolt of color were vivid red and blue looks. Check out Sarah Andler, Tiffany Thom and Laura President-Brown's red looks from my pics and you'll see what a HOT color it is. Nice job, ladies!

Caitlin Suemnicht, general manager of Fresco, sported an eye-popping royal blue baby-doll look. The sequins added dazzle, of course. Food Fight's Lisa Schell (below) wore a gorgeous black dress with vintage-look rhinestone pins. Katie Vaughn's custom creation (she added the black sash to her dress!) was a hot-pink oasis in a sea of black.

My dress was a white beaded sheath, simple, yet elegant (well at least I thought so!). I didn't see much white on gala-goers that night but I thought it was totally Frostiball-appropriate. Plus, it reflected the fallen snow from earlier that day. We are in Wisconsin, after all.

More Pics:
The first pic is the contemporary centerpieces on each table at the Frostiball.
The second pic shows Tiffany and Katie's lovely gloves on our fancy dinner table.
Enjoy our other pics, below!


dan.chin said...

The only thing missing from that night was me and a Manhattan.

Ryann Petit-Frere said...

Liz looks so great! What a good time.