Thursday, January 31, 2008

TrendWatch: Winter/Spring 2008

I know what you’re thinking: It’s February! I can’t even see through my windshield covered with snow—forget talking about spring and warm temps! Alas, that’s not the way the retail world works. In fact, many of the local retailers I’ve spoken with ordered their spring 2008 picks back in fall of 2007. This week I want to talk about how to dress cool in the dead of winter and look ahead to spring.

Layer Layering not only keeps you warmer (logically) but adds interest and depth to an outfit. This has become a strong trend in the past couple of seasons. Take a cute wrap dress in a jersey or even silk, add a turtleneck and thick tights underneath, and you’ve taken a summer-weight dress into the winter. Instead of just a standard shirt (or shirt and tie for men) add a vest or sweater and top the look with a blazer (men and women can do this). You’ll look immediately more pulled together. I also personally think when men wear a standard shirt and tie and pair it with a V- or crewneck sweater, it’s a sharp look (and is more casual than the shirt and tie alone). Any number of local retailers can help you on your layering way: Patricia Shoppe, Jazzman, J LaMore, UP Spatique, Twigs and A Stone’s Throw.

Boots I’m on a boot kick. I love ’em worn over jeans the best. I think one of the biggest benefits of wearing boots is that they keep your legs warmer—seriously! I found a fabulous pair on the Victoria's Secret website that I’m eyeing up—a gray microfiber flat boot by Steve Madden. One can fold over the boot for a mid-calf length or pull it up for knee-length. And of course the cute tie on the back of the boots doesn’t hurt, either. I also own a pair of military-inspired black boots and brown faux-suede boots with a gold buckle that I wear frequently. Another bonus: Boots are easier to walk in than pumps on a slippery sidewalk!

Thick tights One word for tights lovers: Scoshi. This small shop is on State Street and the entire wall behind the cash register is devoted to tights. Although on the pricier side (about $20 or so per pair) they’ve got a great mix of patterns and solids. Vera Wang’s Simply Vera line at Kohl’s offers thicker, warmer tights to pair with skirts.

Hats As ubiquitous as it is on Brad Pitt’s noggin, a classic newsboy cap is timeless. Did I mention it keeps your head warm? Check out all kinds of hats at drunkBUTTERFLY on East Johnson Street.

The Best Part The sales! Because the retail world is so far ahead of the seasons, shoppers can find great winter deals right now! Sweaters, shoes, handbags and more are all for the taking at ridiculously low prices. I recently bought two dresses that I plan on wearing with tights and long-sleeve shirts; come spring, I’ll wear the dresses alone with bare legs! Genius! Locally, Patricia Shoppe and drunknBUTTERFLY can assist you with your needs.

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