Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Since we’re already in the throes of a snowy, icy winter (even though technically, the first day of winter is December 22!) it’s nice to think about products that make us feel cozy and luxurious.
Take bliss' winter line of ultra-moisturizing products, with holiday names like “Two Turtle Gloves” and “Jingle Bell Socks.” Pull on the robins’ egg blue “glamour gloves” lined with self-activating grapeseed and ceramide gel and hands will emerge twenty minutes later softer and younger-looking (for real—I tried them!). The “softening socks” with a polymer gel lining promise to “alleviate dryness, soften rough skin and battle the buildup of corns and calluses.”
I read recently that alpha-hydroxy acids in body lotions help aid skin cell turnover and reveal the fresh layer of skin underneath. That’s why the Foot Patrol lotion might be a good pick for ailing feet—it’s packed with alpha hydroxy acids and aloe leaf, has a nice peppermint smell and exfoliates and softens feet. Slather on a thick layer before bed, pull on some socks and your feet will also be nice and soft by morning. The High Intensity hand cream makes skin feel instantly silky and moisturized. I’ve tried both products before bed and am a happy customer!
Also try the bliss “Snowed In” set, which contains the aforementioned foot and hand creams, plus the lemon+sage soap, vanilla+bergamont bubbling bath+shower gel, lemon+sage body butter and vanilla+bergamont body buff.

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