Thursday, July 5, 2007

It's a Walk-Off

If the name Project Runway means anything to you, keep reading. Lela, a boutique in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, is hosting its own version of Project Runway called, appropriately, Project Lela. Similar to Bravo’s hit TV show, ten contestants will try their hand at creative challenges, like the first one, “Trash to Treasure.”
Contestants were given a bag of materials along with one pant leg and one T-shirt, each of which must be used to make the final garment. They could also use up to one yard of a fabric to complete the outfit. In my opinion, yikes! I find it challenging enough to mix and match my own clothing …
The “Trash to Treasure” challenge is due July 9th, and it appears as if contestants’ work will be shown at a July 14th contest at the Milwaukee Public Market. Another challenge is slated for July 27th, and the final showdown will be on August 25th, where the final three contestants will use their $500 allowance from Lincoln State Bank to make a final four-look collection. I'll keep you posted on this event.
Lela, 321 N. Broadway, Milwaukee. 414-727-4855.

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